Financial Accounting Solutions for all businesses with emphasis on the property industry.

Our web-based solution goes beyond typical financial accounting applications and offers various tools to save you time in managing your books.

Want to access your accounts from different locations?

No Problem

Different devices?


Check your balance sheet on your PC at the Office

Log Receipts on your Android phone...


Create a new invoice on your iPad

Our Cloud-based accounting gives you a previously unheard-of level of flexibility

We provide a comprehensive financial accounting application that competes with “the best of the best available in Southern Africa”. Moreover, we go beyond mere financial accounting by providing an attractive dashboard, reminders, task manager, email and sms history, document uploading and email library features, to mention but a few. We strive to save you time and thereby money in managing all the financial affairs of your business irrespective of the industry in which you operate.

Dynamic Dashboard

Our application enables you to see many of the key elements for the accounting of your business in a dynamic dashboard.

Document Management

Manage and store key documents on our server allowing for access thereto, whenever you need them.

Notice Board

View a summary of important matters to action in your business via the Notice Board icon on the dashboard.

Emails & SMS Handling

We also provide for email and sms functionalities that use our Message Library module allowing you to create and store these types of communications for ongoing use ... a great time saver. View entries in the History tables and choose to receive reminders for follow up. Bulk Email & SMS capability? Yes

Task Manager

On demand ability, on all key screens, to Add and Edit tasks and schedule them for email and sms notifications for yourself or other agents in the office.