If you are presently involved in scheme management and wish to consider improving the way that you are operating or if you are thinking of getting into the scheme management market, then contact us!

We specialise in software development for the community schemes marketplace catering for Managing Agents who run HOAs and Body Corporates as well as Self-Managed schemes. Our comprehensive Financial Accounting and Communications Management System will enable you to improve the running of the various schemes under your control.

Below are a few examples of how we improve the day to day management of your agency:

  • Simple, levy statement and utilities month end procedure.
  • Quick bank statement importation and mapping functionality that makes cashbook handling a "breeze".
  • Automated Management Report creation comprising a wide selection of reports and bulk emailing functionalities.
  • Notes, Email and SMS recording in history tables that can easily be viewed from various screens throughout BCMTrac.
  • Task Manager and Reminders
  • Credit Control (Collections) module: the automated raising of charges including fees and expenses for registered debt collectors.
  • Legal Handovers Module
  • Maintenance Module
  • Various Dashboards for Owners, Trustees, Attorneys, etc. allowing access to pertinent records for the Scheme.
  • Simplified take-on procedures from other software providers.
Simple Setup

Quick step-by-step setup to get the scheme running. This includes Scheme & Banking details; Financial Periods & Chart of Account imports; Scheme Stationary & Notes; Specialized Email Library and Docs Viewer setup.

Take On - Import Functions

Easy to setup system by simply having importing .xls (Excel) spreadsheets from your previous system that includes Owner & Supplier details; Closing Balances for Owners, Suppliers and the Trial Balance.


The User Dashboard shows different aspects of BCMTrac which is controlled by your Administrator. On the Owners Dashboard Owners are given access to their invoices and statements as well as other important documents like Applications; AGM Minutes; Rules; etc. Trustees have more access to information on the Trustee Dashboard such as Management Reports; Financial Records; etc


BCMTrac is a fully IFRS compliant accounting system using the double entry system to provide a comprehensive set of books that include Invoices; Purchase Notes; Journals & Cashbook. All sets of books include recurring invoices, purchases notes and journals. In the Cashbook, import your bank statement and map your transactions for future allocations

Management Reports

Simple and flexible Management Reports module takes the stress out of merging financial reports by a few simple clicks. Email to the Trustees directly from the same screen.

Comprehensive Reports

We provide a comprehensive suite of reports: Income Statement; Balance Sheet; Trial Balance; Levy Roll Report; Budget Variance Report, various Detailed Ledgers and more. Export to PDF or Excel for ease of use.

Debtor Admin

This feature allows debtor administrators to make sure that they stay on top of the outstanding accounts. Admin related and other charges, collections commission, cash deposit fee, sms charges and interest in arrears can be viewed and processed here. A letter of demand and final legal handover can be sent all from one tab.

Legal Handover

Legal Handovers have never been easier. Create an Attorney user, email them details with one click and let them access and edit the information online. No more paperwork and long trails of emails. All documentation is stored online so both Managing Agent and Attorney to view and edit

Task Manager

On demand ability, on all key screens, to Add and Edit tasks and schedule them for email and sms notifications for yourself or other agents in the office. This is an integral element of our website and has extensive, easy to use capability.

Notes Recording & Action Dates

Fully integrated Notes Recording which allows you to provide a detailed 'paper trail' on each owner. Action Dates can be set for follow up reminders on recorded notes, so you don't forget to follow up any query.

Email Handling

Communicate with your owners using ad hoc email messages or message templates created and stored in the Message Library for quick and easy, ongoing use, including personalized bulk emailing capability. View entries in the Email History table and choose to receive email reminders for follow up.

SMS Sending

Send SMSes to any and all categories of people in your database including your owners, trustees, colleagues and third parties. View entries in the SMS History table.

Documents Viewer

Create directories and store documents online giving you quick and easy access thereto. This can be used for Lease Agreements, Mandates as well as Utility bills. Give access to the Owners to view and/or download important documents.

Training and Support

We provide “one to one” training using Skype for talking and sharing of screens to help you settle quickly and easily into using our website. There is also, a comprehensive help section with manuals and other guidelines at your fingertips. Support uses Skype for quick response to any queries that you have.

Is this a full financial accounting system?

Yes, our comprehensive and easy to use financial accounting application was built from the ground up. We own our code 100% and do not rely on 3rd party plugin systems to be able to offer scheme management software. Our system provides all the appropriate options that you would expect in an application of this nature supported by detailed reporting for Owners, Suppliers, Transactions, Financial and monthly Management Reporting.

Is it easy to migrate to your scheme management system?

It is very easy with only five documents needed: Owners Details, Suppliers Details, Trial Balance and Owners and Suppliers Age Analysis. Our importing is done via Excel templates into which you simply copy and paste your current data followed by a quick import. We have a few nifty macros to help you in this process.

Who has access to the program?

Administrators can set access rights for managing, processing, reports and communications in the program as they see fit. There are also various dashboards for Owners, Trustees, Attorneys, Suppliers, etc. (11 in total) allowing them access appropriately to pertinent records, financial information and key documents for the scheme.

What about debtor administration?

We've got this covered as well in our Debtor Administration module including notes recording, email and sms sending, charging of overdue interest, raising of miscellaneous collection charges, sending of copy statements, bulk emailing, etc. We also provide for registered debt collector fees and expenses as prescribed by the Council for Debt Collectors.