Our Online Rentals Management System is an add-on to our Financial Accounting module, enabling you to comprehensively manage all the requirements of your rentals division or property management business, as the case may be.

FINTrac caters for all types of lease agreements: residential, commercial and placements; providing all the necessary fields in our database to manage these smoothly and efficiently!

Below is just a brief summary of what you can manage in this module:

General Info

Manage various parties for a particular property:

Landlord; Tenant; Portfolio Manager and Assigned Agent

Select whether or the property is a placement rental

Accounts that are associated with Group Accounts can easily be managed to appear on a consolidated statement for that particular Tenant.

Financial Parameters

Is the Rental deposit is kept by the Landlord?

Know your Notice and Vacating Dates for Tenants

Manage the Commission and Flat Rates that agencies earn on a monthly or once-off basis for each property

Is this property is a commercial lease? We have a feature that will apply VAT to all Linking codes and charges on commercial properties.

Manage and set up any additional deposits that apply to a particular lease

Manage which properties have Lease Renewals

Linking Codes

The “Linking Codes” tab allows you to load Recurring Charges as well as Once-off charges for both Tenants and Landlords.

Select from our default list of Charges to save you time

Simply manage who Pays for the charge, and who ultimately will receive the money.

Once you’ve made your selection of charges you can Import them to be used for charges that recur monthly for the various parties.

Once-off charges, or charges that are split over a few months, but not the full lease period, can also be set up the same as a recurring linking code.

Conveniently set up the Suppliers Reference / Account No. in which variable and fixed amount charges can also be managed.

Payees / Banking Details

Manage the payees and banking details of every person / entity that needs to receive money.

Commission Splits

‘Commission Splits tab allows you to set up the percentage that the agency and agent(s) receive. This screen is not compulsory but only used if your agency works this way.

This function takes effect on the ‘Payment Uploads’ section of the CashBook

Adding Property Notes

Simply manage your property notes in three different categories being ‘Legal Notes’, ‘Financial Notes’ and ‘Other Notes’.

Dynamic Dashboard

Our application enables you to see many of the key elements for the accounting of your business in a dynamic dashboard.

Document Management

Manage and store key documents on our server allowing for access thereto, whenever you need them.

Notice Board

View a summary of important matters to action in your business via the Notice Board icon on the dashboard.

Emails & SMS Handling

We also provide for email and sms functionalities that use our Message Library module allowing you to create and store these types of communications for ongoing use ... a great time saver. View entries in the History tables and choose to receive reminders for follow up. Bulk Email & SMS capability? Yes

Task Manager

On demand ability, on all key screens, to Add and Edit tasks and schedule them for email and sms notifications for yourself or other agents in the office.