Access and Manage Your Data on the Move, Anywhere Anytime

The CPS Listing Management System & CRM is an easy-to-use website application that enables you to store, access and manage all your users, documents, property listings, lead information and office details from anywhere at any time.



This attractive, informative dashboard allows Users to see and manage key information in their profile. View stats; notes reminders; birthday reminders; listing activity; new incoming leads & enquiries and so much more!

Task Manager

Add / Edit tasks and schedule them for Email and SMS notifications for yourself or other agents in the office. This is an integral element of our website and has extensive, easy to use capability.

Agency & Agent Profiles

Easily manage your Agency’s full contact details including details for multiple offices. We also cater for personalised photo handling & profile information for your Agents.

Seller & Landlord (Owners) Management

Seller and Landlord details are captured with property information and kept confidential. Keep track of Email & SMS communication as well as notes recorded for the Owner.

Recent Contacts

View incoming leads from online enquiries as you login. Leads are generated from the website enquiry forms where indirect enquiries can be allocated to agents & direct enquiries are automatically assigned to the agents' profile. Leads syndication from Property 24 and Private Property is also available.

Attractive Brochures

Create property brochures from a library of options which can be emailed directly from our website or saved to your local system or network for immediate or later use.

Key Events Table

Events are recorded in the Key Events table when listings have been added or edited by an Agent, allowing others in the office to view all activity in the office as well as easy access thereto.

Property Match

Match your listings against your confidential Buyer / Tenant database using our quick match functionality where after the pivot table can be used for more filtering options. Easily send the matched results to Buyers or Tenants via email in the form of a table or property brochure.

Introductions History

This feature stores in a common table in the database, who you have introduced to a particular property and their feedback. This table helps the user keep track of all properties introduced to clients.

Buyer / Tenant Feedback

Record buyer / tenant feedback for particular listings in an easy to manage table. Share feedback reports with owners / landlords to keep them up to date with the latest feedback from viewings and enquiries.

Buyer & Tenant (Contacts) Management

Choose from a variety of our easy-to-use contact forms which allows you to add and edit buyer and tenant information as well as their their purchasing or letting criteria.

Record Notes

For all client categories, record notes and set Action Dates for follow-up and reminders. View entries in the Notes History table.

Email Handling

Communicate with your clients using ad hoc Email messages or message templates created and stored in the Message Library for quick and easy, ongoing use, including personalized bulk emailing capability. Choose to receive reminders for follow up on sent Emails and view entries in the Email History table.

SMS Sending

Send SMSes to any and all contact categories of people in your database including your owners, contacts and colleagues. Choose to receive reminders for follow up on sent SMSes and view entries in the SMS History table.

Documents Viewer

Create directories and store documents online giving you quick and easy access thereto. Directories are automatically generated by the system when a sales / rentals transaction is recorded for FICA Documents.

Financial Transactions

Record Sales & Rentals transactions details; upload FICA documents as well as manage correspondence and notes recording for Attorneys. Keep track of the sales transactions process and important events using the Sales Transactions Flow Chart. Easily customize our master flow chart to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Reports

We provide a comprehensive suite of reports for managing your stock, owners, contacts, mandates, agents, etc.

Import Your Data

This feature allows you to import your listings and contacts database from an Excel spreadsheet, saving you time on capturing data that has already been captured in a spreadsheet.